Development plan for the modern logistics industry in Haikou during the 14th five year plan (Draft) released for comment

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Development plan for the modern logistics industry in Haikou during the 14th five year plan (Draft) released for comment

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The plan covers the administrative jurisdiction of Haikou, focusing on Xiuying District, Longhua District, Meilan District and Jiangdong New Area District; the planning period is from 2021 to 2025.

The goals of the plan include that by 2025 the added value of the modern logistics industry in Haikou has reached 20.5 billion Yuan with business income of 100 billion Yuan.

The average annual growth rate has reached more than 12%,

and the proportion of total logistics cost in GDP has gradually decreased to 13.02%

The plan also aims to cultivate more than 3 internationally competitive modern logistics supply chain service enterprises and introduce more than 15 logistics supply chain enterprise headquarters with more than 3, 5A level logistics enterprises.

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The plan forms a logistics space layout of "two districts, one belt and multi centres".

"Two districts" In order to focus on the construction of airport cluster area with Meilan Airport as the centre, the port logistics cluster area will be built around the two major transportation hubs of Xinhai port and Haikou South Railway Station;

"The belt" In order to build an industrial logistics development belt, which starts from the airport logistics industrial park in the east and ends in the Mei'an logistics park in the west, relying on the two important highway logistics channels of Yehai Avenue and the ring expressway;

"Multi centre" Construct a "2 + 7 + n" logistics node system on the basis of the existing logistics facilities, so as to realize the full coverage of urban and rural logistics distribution in all districts and counties of Haikou City.

The "Plan" states:

Haikou logistics infrastructure should have 8 functions, such as warehousing, road transportation and air transportation, and the logistics nodes should be comprehensively planned according to the layout of important transportation nodes, opening-up to the world with industrial agglomeration, urban-rural integration and Haikou, Chengmai, Wenchang integration.

A three-level logistics facility system includes: a hub-type logistics park, a node-type Logistics Park and a distribution-type logistics park.

The Plan includes building the Haikou Airport International Cold Chain Logistics Industrial Park, the Qiongzhou Strait Land Island Logistic Park, two major hub logistics park systems, the node logistics park system for the Airport Economic Zone and Mei'an Logistics Park and Yunlong International Airport Economic Logistics Park.

It includes three system levels of logistics: a district level urban and rural logistics distribution centre, a town level public distribution centre and a village level logistics service station.

Four urban and rural logistics distribution centres will be built along with 23 town public distribution centres and 245 village logistics service stations.

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Haikou will build "two vertical and two horizontal" main internal highway logistics channels.

The plan includes construction of a western land, sea and rail combined transport longitudinal channel connecting freight hubs such as Xinhai port, Haikou railway station and other important node logistics park including Mei'an Logistics Park mainly through Yuehai Avenue, Binhai Avenue and the Shenhai expressway.

Construct a vertical air / land transport corridor connecting Meilan Airport and important logistics parks in the east of Haikou City, including Binjiang East Road, Qiongshan Avenue, Haiwen expressway and Haiyu Expressway (east line).

It will construct a horizontal air / rail public transport corridor connecting Meilan Airport, east-west railway line in Haikou City and important logistics parks along the line.

The plan is now open to public consultation

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