What is the development direction of the digital economy in Hainan

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Hainan is in the process of opening up communication resources, value-added telecommunications services, removing restrictions such as percentage of foreign shareholders, allowing online data processing and transaction processing, as well as opening up basic telecommunications services, providing a broad investment space for domestic and foreign companies.

Hainan National Block chain Technology and Industrial Innovation Development Base

Hainan is building the “Hainan National Block chain Technology and Industrial Innovation Development Base” for pioneering trials in the field of block chain technology applications and the development the block chain sector.

Development opportunities in Hainan’s digital economy
An open experimental zone for international information and communications.

The zone will further improve Hainan’s all-optical network service capabilities with international communication service facilities, progressive new infrastructure, cloud-edge computing integrated computing facilities as well as improve Hainan’s “land, sea, air, and sky” integrated services.

Innovation in open digital economy

Hainan is focusing on the digital and intelligent upgrading of competitive industries, developing export-oriented high-end service sectors, optimising and growing new digital industries, promoting offshore entrepreneurship & innovation and cross-border services in data and creating a law-based, international and business-friendly environment.

Intelligent experience island for international tourism consumption

Hainan is making reforms in the big data-based integrated tourism service market, expanding new experiences in service consumption featuring smart tourism and developing the high-end service sectors such as international telemedicine, distance education and smart healthcare.

A model zone for targeted and intelligent social governance

A ‘digital twin’ governance system is being built to realize the digitization and virtualization of flow of people, logistics and capital on the island, efficiently coordinate “planning, construction, and management” and improving social governance and ecological governance.

Significant investment areas in Hainan’s digital economy

Big data

Block chain

Artificial intelligence

Information security


Recommended areas for investment in Hainan’s digital economy
Haikou Fullsing Internet Industrial Park

Hainan Resort Software Community

Haikou Jiangdong New Area

Sanya Internet Information Industry Park

Qingshuiwan International Information Industrial Park in Lingshui
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