Hainan International Consumer Goods Exhibition Center Project

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Hainan International Consumer Goods Exhibition Center Project

1. Positioning and Functions

(1) Positioning

to display and release all kinds of global consumer products and provide multi-mode and multi-channel services for global high-quality goods (technology, services) to enter the Chinese market;

to provide comprehensive supporting services with the most comprehensive functions, the highest efficiency and the lowest cost for the global high-quality commodity exhibitors (enterprises and various businesses);

to develop the online and offline platform economy, formed billions of commodity markets;

to create a "Never Ending International Consumer Products Expo".

(2) Functions

The main functions include: creating a "7+X" function.

First, the perennial display function of products;

Second is the on-site negotiation and transaction;

Third is the intelligent service system;

Fourth, short-term exhibition;

Fifth is visitor shopping;

Sixth is the storage and logistics supporting service;

Seventh is the hotel, restaurant, supermarket Other supporting service; “X” is other supporting service functions.

2. Planning Site Selection and Land Use Scale

Located on the west side of the International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group in Haikou Jiangdong New Area, the total land area is about 3,200 mu, and the first-phase project is 1,200 mu.

The total construction area of the project is initially planned to be 4 million square meters, which can be constructed in three phases.

The main construction contents of the first phase are exhibition centers, commercial complexes, business hotels, etc.; the main construction contents of the second and third phases are exhibition centers (phase II), conference center, office building, international apartment and supporting business services.

3. Investment scale and construction period

The planned construction area of the first phase is not less than 1 million square meters, the estimated investment is about 19 billion yuan, the construction period of the first phase is 3 years (2020-2022). The total investment of the project is estimated to be 60 billion yuan, and the construction period is 8 years (2020-2027).

4. Goals and Targeted Investors

(1) Goals

To build into a global intelligent modern EXPO-COMPLEX within five years, a landmark achievement in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, an important carrier of international tourism consumption center, and a duty-free shopping and exhibition platform for world fashion consumption.

The long-term goal is to link the global free trade zone, attract and gather domestic and foreign brand consumer products to enter China, then form the world's largest consumer goods trading center and international fashion publishing center.

(2) Targeted Investors

The main targets of investment attraction are: the introduction of investment and the introduction of multinational enterprises operating large-scale commercial complex, enterprises with investment experience and industrial resources for exhibitions, conferences, international trade, retail business, and cultural tourism are preferred.

5. Analysis of Strengths

(1) Preferential Policies

In the No. 12 document issued by the Central Committee in 2018, the strategic orientation of "three districts and one center" was proposed around the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, in an effort to build an international tourism consumption center.

The National Development and Reform Commission has clearly pointed out in the“implementation plan of building Hainan into an international tourism consumption center” to support Hainan to "implement a more open development policy for exhibition industry and "build a number of international exhibition facilities at a high level".

Hainan will become the largest and most open free trade port in the world and the only free trade port in China. It will become the gateway for global goods to enter China.

(2) Site Selection Advantage

The project is located on the west side of the international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship group in Hainan Jiangdong new area.

Hainan International Consumer Goods Exhibition Center Project 1.png

(3) Unique Geographical Advantage

Hainan Province is located in the center of East Asia and Southeast Asia, and it is the junction of China and Southeast Asia. Besides, it is close to the main international shipping channel, and it is an important strategic fulcrum of the "One Belt and One Road".

It has a regional center location, coastal, border, island and other geographic advantages. It will become an important transportation hub between different regions and an important opening door for China to the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

It provides a good location support for the construction of international consumer goods exhibition center. As a key pilot area and an important innovation demonstration zone for the Hainan Free Trade Port, Jiangdong New Area will be built as an innovation zone for the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up pilot zone, an exhibition zone for the national ecological civilization experimental zone, an experience zone for the international tourism consumption center, and a major national strategy The core area of the service guarantee area".

6. Project planning and supporting facilities

(1) Industrial planning and project land planning

"Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Commodity Exchange Market Platform Economy issued by the Ministry of Commerce and other 12 departments", "the implementation plan of Hainan Province to build an international tourism consumption center", the "Mid-term and Long-term Development Plan for the Exhibition Industry of Hainan Province (2017-2030)", and "Haikou Jiangdong New District Master Plan (2018-2035)" related plans.

Hainan International Consumer Goods Exhibition Center Project 3.jpg

At present, the land used for the site selection of the project is commercial and logistics land, and the project construction land conforms to the overall planning of Jiangdong new area and the regulatory detailed planning of airport economic Park (Southern District).

In addition, the current land property rights in the site are clear, and the amount of demolition is small, which is convenient for quick start in the near future, and there is a certain scale of land use for the long-term expansion space.

(2) Surrounding construction and city supporting facilities

The location is about 3 kilometers away from the airport, which can realize the rapid arrival of passengers and exhibitors from outside the island, and realize the fast import and export of global import goods in the future; Relying on six skeleton trunk roads:Haiyu Dadao - Qiongshan Dadao, Haiwen High-speed contact line, Nandujiang Dadao - Haitao Dadao, Guijiang Dadao - Xingyang Dadao, Guixiu Road and Shunda Road, the fast connection with external areas can be realized.

It is planned that the branch line of rail line 1 and line 3 will be set up with three track stations; the cloud track line connecting the airport and the Jiangdong Binjiang group can carry more than 400000 person times / day in urban area and airport.

Hainan International Consumer Goods Exhibition Center Project 2.png

(3) The airport bonded zone near the airport economic zone

Comparing with Singapore, relying on the Airport Free Trade Zone in the Airport Economic Zone, grafting the advantage of airport duty-free, expanding and strengthening the duty-free shopping of high-quality goods, and realizing the duty-free channel in the region.

At the same time, the exhibition center has formed a close relationship with other sections of the Airport Economic Zone, such as the Aviation City Corridor, to achieve mutual promotion of business and travel, and the common development of tourism and boutique consumption.

Hainan International Consumer Goods Exhibition Center Project 4.png

(4) Complete infrastructure and complete free trade industry system:

The airport logistics, bonded warehousing, cross-border e-commerce, cultural tourism consumption and other free-trade industries in the Airport Economic Park has formed a self-contained system. The surrounding international cultural exchange, international higher education and scientific research, international offshore entrepreneurship and innovation are organized to provide strong support for the development of enterprises.

Whatsmore, the water supply, power supply and telecommunication facilities in the site selection area are perfect, which is convenient for project construction.

Email us at business@tropicalhainan.com or


Haikou Jiangdong New Area Management Bureau

Tel: +86 18898276618

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