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Hainan Key Industrial parks and Investment Guide; Wenchang International Aerospace City

Location and Resources

Located in Wenchang city, Hainan province, Wenchang International Aerospace City is China's first coastal launch base. The city has already been equipped with a starting area, a launch site as well as a supporting area. The starting area is 20 km away from Wenchang Aerospace Launching Site. The total planned area is 12.08 square kilometers, including the west area of Bamen Bay and the aerospace supercomputing and big data industrial area.

Supporting facilities include exhibition centers, talent apartments and industrial service centers; fitness centers will be gradually constructed and improved.

Developing Positions

The development orientation of Aerospace City is to make it a major scientific and technological innovation industrial base in the aerospace field, a strategic industrial base for technological innovation in aerospace, a demonstration industrial base for integration and innovation, an international cooperation industrial base for aerospace, and an aerospace supercomputing center.

Investment targets

Aerospace core industries: key experiments, engineering research, infrastructure R&D, aerospace applications.

"Aerospace +" extended industries: aerospace big dataapplications, aerospace life sciences, aerospace tourism and wellness.

Technology supporting industries: new generation informationindustry, new infrastructure.

Service supporting industries: tech services, trade services, financial services, shared services.


While infrastructure and public facilities are under construction at an accelerating pace, some major investment projects have been launched in the parks.

The People’s Government of Hainan Province signed strategic cooperation agreements with the China National Space Administration and China Aerospace Science Technology Corporation, as well as with China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited. The Wenchang International Aerospace City Administration entered into agreements with a number of enterprises, including the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the Academy of Aerospace Propulsion Technology and the China Aerospace museum. It also signed a slew of projects pertaining to road network infrastructure, Tsinghua University High School, aerospace supercomputing and Chang Guang satellite applications, among other matters.


The city will be put under the management model of “Legal Entity plus Platform Company” and endowed with independent rights of development according to law; hence the park will have the final say on issues related to its development.

Enterprises entering the park will enjoy rich preferential policies covering fiscal planning, capital, financing, land, public services, and institutional mechanism issues. Hainan province will arrange special construction funds of 500 million yuan ($76.45 million) each year for five consecutive years to support the development of the city.

An Eight-article Policy Supporting Business and Investment in Wenchang International Aerospace City (Trial version)

Article 1 Entitle enterprises and public institutions from encouraged industries to 100 percent tax refund (VAT and Corporate Income Tax) for three consecutive years.

Article 2 Entitle leading aerospace businesses to rewards (up to 5 million yuan) depending on their contractual amount to encourage their development.

Article 3 Exempt enterprises and public institutions settling in Wenchang International Aerospace City from office space rent for three years.

Article 4 Optimize benchmark prices for industrial land use by setting the land cost for leading businesses at no less than 60 percent of the current benchmark land price for the corresponding land use.

Article 5 Establish the Haina Aerospace Industrial Guidance Fund, and give enterprises or public institutions fund support (to a maximum of 100 billion yuan each).

Article 6 Support hi-tech projects with rewards of up to 1 million yuan each).

Article 7 Encourage business attraction by highlighting existing projects. Entitle enterprises or public institutions bringing in a pre-agreed project to a maximum reward of 1 million yuan.

Article 8 Provide free-of-charge agency service and support for administrative affairs, and give priority to the housing of employees from key industries.

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