Haikou attracts more than 26,000 specialists from both China, abroad in a year

The administrative center of Hainan Province since May 2018 has attracted and employed more than 26,000 highly qualified specialists from other regions of China and other countries, according to the Hainan Daily. 

Since 2018, the Haikou authorities have significantly simplified the system of attracting highly qualified personnel: in particular, the procedure for registrating such employees has been optimized by creating a “one window” system. Thus, from May 2018, 26,600 people arrived in Haikou for employment, more than 4,000 of which were foreign citizens who were granted a residence permit.

As the newspaper reports, the authorities are paying attention to the training of highly qualified personnel on the local labor market. Priority is given to advanced training programs for government officials and party functionaries – they get training and are learning best practices in Singapore and Shanghai.

The Haikou authorities are also taking steps to ensure the rapid integration of experts employed on Hainan — in particular, housing for people moving to Haikou for employment. In addition, since 2018, 992 specialists received compensation totaling 1,73 mln yuan (about $ 250,000), another 155 enterprises also received similar payments totaling 36.66 mln yuan (about $ 5.31 million).

Source: TASS