Haikou Meilan Intl Airport Phase II Integrated Traffic Project (Stage I) passed completion acceptance

The team responsible for carrying out the acceptance phase included survey, design, supervision, construction as well as other units.

The units jointly assessed the bridge and road engineering of the Meilan Phase II integrated traffic project (stage I).

On-site inspections included the entry road tunnel project, rainwater pump station project, lighting and traffic project.

The Haikou Quality Supervision Station along with other experts conducted on-site supervision of the entire organization’s acceptance procedures, and implementation standards.

On the afternoon of the 30th, the professional acceptance team, Quality Supervision Station and other experts studied, discussed and formed a consensus: Meilan Phase II Comprehensive Transportation Project (Stage I) has been completed according to the content approved by the preliminary design.

The project is in line with national and industry standards, normal system functions and it meets the requirements of airport operation and use.

The project files are completed, the project quality is qualified, it meets the completion acceptance requirements, and it was agreed to pass the completion acceptance.

According to reports, the total length of the road system for the Meilan Airport Phase II integrated traffic project is 11.35 kilometers, the total length of the bridge system is 3.12 kilometers and the total length of the tunnel system is 1.76 kilometers.

The project is an important road system that guarantees the daily production and operation of Meilan Airport. It will greatly reduce the pressure of transit vehicles and facilitate the transfer of citizens and tourists to the airport area.

Subsequent acceptance of the integrated transportation project (Stage I) will be opened to the public after the relevant preparations are completed.

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