Haikou street cleaner finds 150,000 Yuan (US$22,000) in trash, returns it, turns down reward

Imaging losing US$22,000 (150,000 Yuan) by accidently throwing it out in the trash, the stuff of nightmares, right? That’s exactly what happened local Haikou businessman Mr Zhu after a cleaner at his company had mistaken the bag of cash (the day’s takings) as rubbish and binned it.

Luckily for Mr Zhu such a stroke of bad luck was balanced by having perhaps one of the most decent, honest, young women in Haikou find it.

Li Man, A Haikou street cleaner discovered the bag on Tuesday morning as she was cleaning a road in a commercial district of the city. The bag drew her attention because of its weight, she told local media.

When she opened it, she found a smaller bag inside filled with 100 Yuan notes.

After contacting her manager Li took the bag of cash to the local police station where, based on receipts found with the cash, the police were able to identify and locate Mr Zhu.

Within two hours of finding the money it had been returned to its owner.

Haikou street cleaner finds US$22,000 in trash, returns it, turns down reward

Mr Zhu offered Li Man 20,000 Yuan reward, she turned it down

Li Man was offered 20,000 Yuan reward for her good deed which she turned down saying “It’s what I should do, there’s no need.”

To put it into context, 20,000 Yuan is the equivalent of a year’s salary for a street cleaner.

In an interview with Haikou TV, she said: “Although my conditions are a bit hard, it's important to have good morals. Returning the money was the right thing to do.”

Source: Nan Hai Wang