Hainan Emergency level dropped to 3, epidemic response second to none

Due to swift, timely and effective measures taken in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Hainan Island has seen no new cases declared for the last 6 days. As of February 26th the number of severe cases now stands at 4 and hospitalisations at 36.  

While some of the preventative measures have impacted significantly on business and everyday life for both locals and expats alike, the results speak for themselves.

Tuesday 25th February, Liaoning and Guizhou provinces reported no new confirmed cases for nine days, Gansu province for eight days and Hainan and Yunnan province for five days.

The combined efforts of local and provincial governments, the Centre for Disease Control, the medical establishment and the personal sacrifice of frontline personnel have ensured that Hainan Island has responded to the outbreak second to none.

It could have gone a different way.

Confidence in the communities that the worst is behind us is at a high and most people are now looking forward to returning to work and getting their life back to some semblance of normality.

Let’s have a look back on some notable moments and steps taken to fight the virus by Hainan Province over the past month. 

Hainan epidemic timeline of events
Hainan epidemic timeline of events

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