Hainan FTP launches international talent service management pilot reforms

On September 14, Hainan issued an “Implementation Plan for the Pilot Reform of the International Talent Management Service for the Hainan Free Trade Port”, whose aim is to carry out reforms of the international talent management service, introduce international talents, training evaluation, work residence, and service guarantees to establish an international talent service management system and mechanism that is in line with international standards, reflects Chinese characteristics, and conforms to Hainan’s positioning.

Hainan is benchmarking advanced international practices (at the highest form of opening up), important policy measures and liberalization and facilitation employment practices. This is the country’s first provincial level, systemic reform management service for international talents.


By 2022, Hainan will focus on major breakthroughs in system innovation, basically establishing a leading domestic international talent service management system and mechanism, form a fair, legal, inclusive, and convenient international talent system environment to ensure that all kinds of international talents are attracted to Hainan.

By 2025, all tasks will be fully implemented, and a more open, dynamic, and internationally competitive international talent service management system will be established. 

The total number of international talents will increase significantly and the efficiency of the use of international talents will be significantly improved.

Innovative international talent introduction and use mechanism:

Hainan will establish a global talent recruitment system that is in line with international standards, compile and publish the “Hainan Free Trade Port Industry Shortage Talent Catalogue”, and attract international talents to work, innovate and start businesses in Hainan. 

In Hainan Province, universities, hospitals, scientific research institutes and statutory institutions will allocate a certain number of positions to recruit foreign personnel, and allow qualified foreign personnel to serve as legal representatives of statutory institutions, and state-owned enterprises.

Hainan will build an international talent innovation and entrepreneurship platform, prepare for the establishment of a China (Hainan) Overseas Student Pioneer Park, and attract international talents and outstanding international students to the Hainan Free Trade Port for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hainan aims to broaden communication channels for international talents, involve embassies and consulates abroad and sister cities to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with key countries and regions, and attract headquarters or branches of well-known international headhunting companies to settle in Hainan.

Create an international talent exchange and cooperation brand, hold the China (Hainan) Talent Exchange Conference and the “Belt and Road” Talent Development Forum, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with internationally renowned industry associations and foundations, and attract high-end talents in key fields.

Improve the evaluation and incentive mechanism for international talent training.

Hainan will Innovate international training methods for talents, introduce high-level universities for science, engineering, agriculture and medicine, and vocational colleges to independently run schools in the Hainan Free Trade Port, and promote domestic key universities to introduce overseas well-known universities to hold Sino-foreign cooperation with independent legal personality in the Hainan Free Trade Port.

Hainan will establish a green channel for the evaluation of international talent titles, and for the introduction of international talents that meet the classification standards and conditions of Hainan Province’s high-level talents, and can declare and appraise senior titles based on their contribution and actual level.

Hainan will reform the foreign-related professional qualification management system, liberalize restrictions on foreign personnel participating in vocational qualification examinations, and allow international talents who have obtained overseas professional qualifications or recognized international professional organization qualifications (except for certified public accountants, legal services, etc.) who have passd the skills certification, directly provide professional services to enterprises and residents in the Hainan Free Trade Port.

Hainan will improve the compensation and incentive mechanism for international talents, guide employers to implement a distribution policy oriented to increase knowledge value, explore medium and long-term incentives for high-end talents such as job dividends, project income dividends, and equity incentives, and allow technology equity gains and capital markets realization, etc., increase legal income to attract international talents.

Implementation of work permits and immigration convenience measures:

Negative list management will be carried out for foreign personnel working in the Hainan Free Trade Port, and foreign personnel outside the “negative list” are not restricted to work in Hainan Free Trade Port;

Hainan will implement quota management for restricted categories in the negative list of work permits, establish a dynamic quota adjustment mechanism, and independently examine and approve restricted work permits under total quota control.

Foreign high-level talents who work in the Hainan Free Trade Port are allowed to directly work part-time, innovate and start businesses in the Hainan Free Trade Port after approval and filing. If the work permit is within the validity period, there will be no need to reapply or change the work permit for part-time work.

In addition to submitting the main application materials, other materials can be accepted, and units who fail to implement the work permit and work type residence permit will be punished according to law.

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