Hainan Government policy and trade cooperation drive waterborne trade and freight services development in Hainan Province

A fast growth in cargo and container throughput is expected in Hainan, which will mainly be driven by the following factors: i) there are still a number of deep-water ports that remain in construction, but with future investments in ports, port productivity has great potential to be further improved; ii) constant infrastructure investment will speed up to contribute to the improvement of port function. Port resources utilization will be more optimised under the policy-led resources integration which will bring development in the efficiency of ports in Hainan; iii) tourism in Hainan will continue to act as the main growth driver for the economy; and iv) there will be more trade engagement with Southwest Asia as promoted by the open policy, along with the loosening in foreign ports investment, and more marine logistics cooperation with ASEAN countries will provide more opportunities for future growth of waterborne trade for Hainan.

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