Hainan Island market review for 2017, GDP reached 446.254 billion Yuan.

Hainan’s Island’s market review for 2017, GDP reached 446.254 billion Yuan.

The GDP (2017) of Hainan was 446.254 billion Yuan and per capita GDP was 7,179 USD. The ratio of first industry, second industry and third industry are 22.0 : 22.3 : 55.7.

The main agriculture industries are, animal husbandry and fisheries (including marine fishing and aquaculture), tropical fruits, winter melons and vegetables, high-quality livestock breeding, rubber and coffee.

Main industries include agriculture and sideline products processing, paper manufacturing and paper products industry, chemical raw materials, chemical products manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, non-metallic minerals manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, electricity industry and heating, power, production and supply industry.

Currently, Hainan province has 133 stared hotels including 26 five star hotels, 41 four star hotels and 58 3 star hotels. For 2017 the total income from tourism was 81.199 billion Yuan.

Total foreign investment was 2.306 billion USD, an increase of 8.2%. The main source of foreign capital is Hong Kong.

The value of imports and exports in foreign trade was 70.237 billion. Total export was 29.566 billion Yuan and total imports were 40.671 billion. The main export products included refined oil products, crude oil, sea water products, paper and paperboard products, cars, fertiliser and natural gas, which are sold to an association of Southeast Asian nations, the European Union, Hong Kong, America, Iran, Japan and  Australia. Main imported products include airplanes, crude oil, dimethylbenzene, cosmetics and refined oil products.