Hainan targets graphene-rubber advances

Haikou, – Hainan Rubber Group has set up a research facility, which will take on graphene/natural rubber composites as its first major project.

The company’s joint laboratory for specialty natural rubber involves, as a partner, Aero Engine Corp. of the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials – China’s largest aerospace materials engineering institute.


The two sides proposed to develop the first high-end materials research and development project – graphene / natural rubber composite materials and committed to building a domestic first graphene / natural rubber composite production line.

According to a spokesperson in charge, the laboratory will introduce graphene into natural rubber materials based on research and applications by The China Aerospace Institute, combined with the wet mixing technology of natural rubber composites of Haijiao Group to enhance the physical properties of natural rubber. 

The next step will be to increase research and development of high-grade composite natural rubber materials and to promote the development and research for market applications.

You can read the original announcement in Chinese HERE