Han Zhong Hai: Old Haikou, street photography

Small Mechanical Engineering Workshops in Haikou:

Hidden away in the remote old streets or back lanes of Haikou small mechanical engineering workshops still operate. They are poorly equipped, under resourced and survive in the cracks left by the competition. Things haven’t changed here since last century.

Not far from Jin Niuling Park, there’s a relatively big mechanical engineering workshop, with a lathe, planer, drill press, grinding machine, boring mill, milling machine and hobbling machine all of which were produced last century. Pride of place is given to a hydraulic press manufactured in 1988, weighing 300 tons. For this old broken down equipment it's not yet time to resign and quit from the stage of history.

The owner of the workshop – Mr Zhou, now over seventy years of age, has been working machines like this since he was sixteen when he started working in a quite reputable local state-owned enterprise.

At the beginning of the Reform and Opening up of China, he spotted a business opportunity and decided to start his own business which has gone through many ups and downs over the years. Nowadays he gets less and less work, but Mr Zhou still comes into his machine shop every day, not for money, just for the pleasure of working the machines. The workshop means everything to him.



    走到距离金牛岭不远的地方,可看见一家稍具规模的机械加工小作坊。这里,摆放着不少上个世纪生产的车床、刨床、钻床、磨床、镗床、铣床,还有滚齿机,1988 年出厂的三百吨液压机最为引人注目。破旧设备并没有退出历史舞台,在此处仍尽力发挥其余热。


Han Zhong Hai

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