Healthcare Specialist Needed: Lingshui Government

Job description

  • Responsible for the daily health consultation and reception.
  • Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the health files, including paper files, electronic files and health platform.
  • Provide health guidance based on the health assessment report, such as diet, exercise, behavior, curriculum, promotion and other aspects of the proposal.
  • Maintain the health care related services, including call centers, SMS platform, green channel for health care, health seminars and other health services
  • Assist in other related works.
  • College degree or above, in medicine or nursing related major.
  • Medical or nursing work experience is preferred.
  • Good communication skills, be willing to learn.
  • Have a certain sense of service and strong sense of responsibility.
  • Perfect social security system.
  • Official holidays and annual paid holidays.
  • Professional training in different kinds of field related to medicine.
  • Company trips.

About us

Situated in the south-east of Hainan Island, Lingshui County is home to 1223 square kilometers of mountains, plains and beaches. With a tropical monsoon climate, Lingshui is warm year round and home to numerous exotic plants and crops. With four bays and five ports; over 18537 acres of water-space is available for aquaculture.

Tourism: In order to establish Lingshui as an ecological, developing country, the county government is currently introducing large enterprises to participate in the development of local tourism. Lingshui boasts popular tourism areas including Diaolou Mountain and Li Miao Han • Agriculture and Food Lingshui County offers an excellent natural environment for the agricultural industry; allowing farmers to produce green, organic foods that are free from pollutants. The government aims to build a trusted, competitive brand to put Lingshui produce on the map – both locally and nationally.

Industry: The county government plans to develop a low-carbon, energy-efficient industrial park at Kaidi Technology Campus, turning Lingshui into a leading industrial city with ecological concerns. An open-door policy combined with abundant natural resources is leading to Lingshui becoming a rapidly developing region in China. We welcome and embrace visitors and investors from around the world to experience our growing tourist, high-tech and organic agriculture industries, making Lingshui a uniquely flavoured seaside city!


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