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Hostels in Wanning, Ri Yue Bay, Surfer’s Stop

Hostels in Hainan, Ri Yue Bay

Ri Yue (Sun Moon) Bay Surfer’s Stop

Being, quite possibly, the only hostel in Wanning does Ri Yue Bay Surfer’s Stop no disservice. Usually, when confronted with the option of staying in a hotel or the only hostel in town, the choice is clear-cut; at least in this author’s own experience; stay in the hotel! Not so, in this case.

Ri Yue (errr you-ah) is an excellent resort-style hotel masquerading as a hostel. Located in a government-protected resort area 30 kilometers from Wanning city center. With a private beach, surfboard rentals, a pool, and rooms with an incredible view of the ocean and surrounding landscape, Ri Yue sets a precedent for hostels as not only a backpacker’s experience, but also for the traveler looking for luxury at a low price.

Exiting onto the patio and beach area, to your right, you have a cabana-style bar and lounge chairs. Toss on your wayfarers and have a pina colada in the sun or head down to the beach, here, you can rent surfboards and paddle out, or relax under one of the many shaded seating areas; the hotel only has 12 rooms total, so don’t expect a crowd at the beach. Swimming is tough here as the undertow is quite rough, so only head out if you are a confident swimmer.

After all that lazing around and (maybe?) drinking one too many, head back in and have a Hainan-style afternoon nap (from 12:00 to 2:45 every day, if you are Hainanese.)

Every room is simply decorated and feels like it is your own space, even if you are staying in one of their co-ed dorms.

For dinner, your options are slightly limited, in large part, due to the hostel’s location outside of the city, but there are a few restaurants around the area serving up seafood and western fare at a decent price.

Though far from the city, and slightly lacking in the “things to do” department as a result, Ri Yue is, in spite of, and, in large part, in patronage to, its location, an excellent place for a relaxing stay in the middle of the Hainan Hostel Trail, and a wonderful example of what a hostel can be when the owners take it upon themselves to pay attention to the little things.

Pool party!

Basic Information:


Eng: Ri Yue Bay Surfer’s Stop

中文: 日月湾若比邻度假公寓


Eng: Ri Yue (Sun Moon) Bay Surfing Tourism Area, West Side.

中文: 日月湾旅游度假区内,水上运动训练基地西侧 ,近东线高速公路日月湾路口

Notable Facilities:

Air conditioning in all rooms.

Basic toiletries included.

Free Wi-Fi.

Standard Queen Room - Ensuite.

- Note: All Standard Queen Rooms have a view of the ocean.

6 Bed co-ed Dorm - Shared bathrooms.

Outdoor Bar.

Outdoor swimming pool.

Private beach.

Surfboard rentals.


(According to , September 2015 – Total Price)

Standard Queen Room with Sea View - 320 RMB ($50 USD)

6 Bed co-ed Dorm (PP) - 58 RMB ($9 USD)

How to get there:

Take a high-speed train to Qionghai on the East Rail Line.

From Haikou East Station: 49 RMB ($8 USD) – 1hour 6minutes.

    From Meilan Airport Station: 49 RMB ($8 USD) – 1hour.

    From Wenchang Station: 30 RMB ($5 USD) – 40 minutes.

From Qionghai Station: 16 RMB ($3 USD) – 20 minutes.

Please be aware:

The hostel is located nearly 30 Kilometers from Wanning Station. There are, at time of writing, no bus routes to the hostel.

 We strongly recommend using the card below when taking a taxi from Wanning Station, as it tells the driver exactly where to go.

 By Taxi:

Taxis at Wanning Station are plentiful. Ignore the touts and head directly to the taxi line upon exiting the station. As recommended above, show them the card below. The total travel time should be no more than 40 minutes, with a usual trip taking 30 minutes. It is a long, and slightly expensive road, but, Tropical Hainan word of honor, it is worth it!

60-70 RMB

Please take me to Ri Yue Bay Surfer’s Stop.

请带我去 日月湾若比邻度假公寓

Address: Ri Yue (Sun Moon) Bay Surfing Tourism Area, West Side.

地址: 日月湾旅游度假区内,水上运动训练基地西侧 ,近东线高速公路日月湾路口

Thank you!


Ri Yue Bay Wanning Hostel, Hainan, China
Ri Yue Bay Wanning Hostel, Hainan, China

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