India’s Wipro Announces Plans To Expand Splash Products To Hainan / Chinese Market

Indian consumer goods and information technology conglomerate Wipro revealed plans to target Chinese markets with its recently acquired personal care products. The announcement comes at the heels of Wipro’s recent acquisition of the Philippine’s largest personal care product firm, Splash Corporation.

According to the incoming CEO of Wipro’s recently acquired company, Neeraj Khatri, Splash will be bringing some of its most popular products outside the Philippines to various markets in Southeast Asia and in China.

The executive further stated that they will be conducting a number of consumer tests in China and Hong Kong to develop specially-made products specific to the market. Wipro is aiming to consolidate its position in Hong Kong and Macau as well as in major Chinese provinces such as Hainan and Guangdong, where it already has a strong following.