Intercity passenger buses and rural buses suspended

Sanya City Transportation Bureau have issued a notice regarding the suspension of operation of bus lines: intercity, and rural bus routes in Sanya are suspended from 15:00 on January 26th.

Also from January 26th, Danzhou bus lines are to be temporarily stopped!

Notice from the Danzhou Transportation Bureau on the temporary suspension of public transport and rural passenger transport lines.

To all public transport and passenger transport enterprises:

In order to effectively cut off the transmission route of new coronavirus and curb the spread of the epidemic, according to the requirements of the Danzhou new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the following notice is hereby issued: 

From January 26th, 2020, our bureau will temporarily suspend public transport and passenger transport lines, please stop all buses (including town and village buses), and rural passengers lines.

The restart time will be notified later.

At present, all passenger buses to Yang Jiang in Qiong Zhong have been stopped.

Yangpu bus station, inter county bus, rural buses and cross regional urban buses (No.3 Yangpu Baima Jing, Yangpu Baima Jing extension bus) are suspended, Haikou to Baisha, as well as the Haiqi inter provincial charter bus.

At present, Wenchang City has suspended the operation of buses, shuttle buses, Rural Micro buses and ferry terminals.

Urban and rural public transportation from Fushan to Lin Gao Maniao in Chengmai County has stopped.

The Transportation Bureau of Lingao County will suspend the operation of rural lines, buses and ferries in Lingao from 27th of this month.

In addition, all passenger lines from Hainan Province to Hubei Province have been shut down. 

The specific restart time of all the above mentioned decommissioned lines is to be determined.

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