Introduction to Great Courses in Hainan: Mission Hills Haikou, Lava Fields

Mission Hills Haikou Great Courses: Lava Fields


Mission Hills Haikou Great Courses: Lava Fields

Yet a third great course within the Mission Hills complex, in fact we could be here for another 7 blogs as every single course within this sensational golf resort offers something special. Today we highlight another top rated course, Lava Fields, and it certainly reflects its most appropriate name, after all Mission Hills Haikou was hewn out of the lava rock base. A quick bit of history - it took some 60,000 workers using an immense number of machines about 18 months to jack-hammer, dig and move the lava rock base then shape and lay millions of tonnes of earth into another memorable golf course.

From the first tee you play on lush green fairways winding their way through the Lava rock formations. Miss hit your tee shot on some of the holes, especially the great par 3’s and watch as your ball plays ping pong amongst the black rock in front of you. Not much to do but have a good old laugh with your mates as you count the ricochets. Retrieve your ball and maybe replace it, after all there’ll be bits of covering hanging off after being ripped by the sharp stone. Then make it to the stunning Par 5 18th and all you want to do is start your round over again! To see more about golf at Mission Hills Haikou just visit

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