Introduction to great holes in Hainan: Mission Hills Haikou, Stone Quarry, “Sleeper”

Stone Quarry, Mission Hills Haikou HainanCGE-Logo-for-golf-page.jpg

What a great course this little known layout is at Mission Hills Haikou. One of the resorts 10 outstanding designs this “sleeper” is one to enjoy on every visit, we know as we play it every time we come over. In keeping with the Lava Rock theme Stone Quarry has another claim to set it apart, special “visuals” that either remind you of the old wild-west or that you are in a quarry waiting to see the ore rail carts steam by. Railway tracks, mine tunnel entrances, wind mills, gantries and a whole lot more join those ore rail carts to keep this beautifully designed course a more than interesting challenge. So next time you visit Mission Hills Haikou make sure you include Stone Quarry as a must play.  To see more about golf at Mission Hills Haikou just visit       

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