Kaye Feske – Rainers Food Co. Ltd.

In this episode of Spotlight on Hainan we interviewed Kay Feske, we caught up with Kay during the groundbreaking ceremony for his second sausage factory. Kay is the co-founder and vice general manager of Rainers Food Co. Ltd.

The company produces different kinds of meats and supplies 5-star hotels across Hainan island, as well as restaurants, cafes, bars and export stores. We learn from Kay that they have also just started supplying to the mainland.

Kay tells us that they decided to start the company on Hainan because they couldn’t find a product like theirs on the island. Before Rainers set up, most products came from cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, which wasn’t ideal for fresh meat produce.

When setting up his business, one of the biggest obstacles Rainers faced was finding qualified staff in this type of industry. Kay mentions that they had to start from zero, and they had to teach new staff everything about this kind of business.

The new factory will be built in Ding an, which is some 50km south of Haikou. Due to the growth and success of Rainers in the past 3-5 years, they were approached by the Ding an, government who asked if they wanted to purchase a new plot of land for their factory, to which, of course, they said “yes!”

Rainers’ food is well known by many businesses within the food industry on the island. Kay hopes that in the next 5 years they are also well known on the mainland and that in the future they have the opportunity to export some of their goods.

Kay also hopes that the new factory, which should finish construction next year will be a place for other foreigners with great food business ideas, to come and use, helping new businesses grow just as Rainers did.

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