Key construction projects in Haikou total about $2.5 billion

The total amount of assimilated investments used in construction projects in Haikou amounted to about 17 billion yuan (about $ 2.5 billion), according to the Haikou Daily newspaper.  

According to the newspaper, 17 new large-scale construction projects with a total assimilated fund of about 8.8 billion yuan (about $1.2 billion) kicked off in the city this week, making it the fifth group of such projects in recent years.

The previous four groups included a total of 60 construction sites. The planned volume of investment for them is estimated at about 67.5 billion yuan (about $9.9 billion).

Construction of the second stage of the Hainan International Exhibition Center, (assimilated funds for which make up for about 79% at present), is considered one of the most important construction sites.

Construction of ground structures of the center is underway and during the next stage, it is planned to merge the structures of the first and second stages into a single complex.

More than 59% of allocated investment for the implementation of all five groups of projects are in the construction of production facilities.

Source: TASS