Land for sale in Jiangdong CBD of Haikou, starting price is 12.27 million yuan / mu

On March 27th, the Haikou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau issued a notice to sell the right to use state-owned land (a02-18) in the CBD of Jiangdong new district, Haikou.

Applicants or their affiliates must be 2019 fortune 500 companies, and the deadline for registration is 4 p.m. on April 27.

According to the announcement, the land use is “commercial and financial”, with a total area of 11155.45 square meters (16.73 mu in total), a starting price of 205.3049 million Yuan and a starting unit price of 12.27 million Yuan / mu.

In terms of land use, business finance land accounts for 40%, hotel land accounts for 40%, retail business land accounts for 20%, and the land transfer period is 40 years. It is to be mainly used for the development and construction of the regional headquarters building project of the energy and commodity trading centre.

The initial price of the listed plot is 205.3049 million Yuan, and the price increase range each time is 100,000 Yuan or an integral multiple of 100,000 Yuan. According to conversion, the unit price per mu of land is up to 12.27 million Yuan (about 18,404 Yuan / m2).

Applicants must issue a letter of commitment, and the business income of the bidders and their affiliated enterprises in Haikou city shall not be less than 250 billion Yuan within 5 years from the date of land acquisition.

In addition, bidders need to pay 205.3049 million yuan deposit when registering. According to the investment intensity index, the land is valued at not less than 25 million yuan / mu.

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