Livestock and Poultry Farming Banned within Haikou City

Livestock and poultry farming banned within Haikou City.

May 3, Haikou municipal government adopted the “Circular on Delimiting the Range of Livestock and Poultry Farming in Haikou City”. According to the "Notice", Haikou divided the city's administrative jurisdiction into three categories, namely a banned area, a restricted area, and a fitness area. The banned area covers 1041.44 square kilometers, the restricted area covers 721.49 square kilometers, and the fitness area covers 526.07 Square kilometers.

Banned area

The Banned area refers to the prohibition of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding areas in accordance with the law. The established livestock and poultry farms (cells) and specialized breeding households are required to shut down, relocate, or convert production within a limited period of time. The prohibited areas include the following areas: ecological protection red line areas, scenic spots, 4A or above, tourist attractions, provincial cultural relics protection areas within the scope of the current urban planning area.

It also includes areas such as main river bank embankments (within 400 meters), large and medium-sized reservoirs or design floodwaters (within 500 meters).

Restricted area

The Restricted area refers to the type, quantity, and scale of animal husbandry and prohibits the construction or expansion of livestock and poultry breeding farms and specialized breeding households.

The livestock and poultry breeding farms (residential districts) and aquaculture specialized households that have been completed or under construction shall implement pollution prevention and control measures and comprehensive utilization measures of waste to ensure that the discharge of pollutants conforms to the national emission standards.

The restricted area includes the following areas:

Ecological protection red line areas, 4A level tourist attractions, provincial cultural relics protection units and other areas within 500 meters of boundary extensions, current urban planning areas, cultural and educational, medical, and other areas where a population clustered is within 500 meters of the extension; the embankment of major rivers (within 400 to 500 meters), and medium-sized reservoirs, within 500 meters on both sides of the expressway and the railway, within 300 meters on both sides of the national road.

In the case of regional land consumption capacity, the total amount of farmed areas shall be limited.

Source: Hainan Daily