Longhua District, Haikou: 1 person per household allowed out every 2 days

In order to further strengthen community management, Longhua District, Haikou City has issued ten new management policies.

1. In order to strengthen regional prevention and control, all communities will implement an enclosed management system. 

In principle, there shall be only one entrance and exit to the community. 

Only one person from each household will be allowed to enter and exit once every 2 days. In case of special circumstances for entering or exiting, a real-name ID card or passport should be used.

2. Those who return to Longhua from outside the province shall register and isolate themselves at home for 14 days. 

Any areas where confirmed or suspected cases are found shall be closed; one case quarantine the unit, (one elevator services one unit), two cases, quarantine the whole building and three or more cases the community shall be quarantined.

3. Non-residents and vehicles are not allowed to enter or leave the community or the property unit at will. In special circumstances, the resident’s consent must be obtained and registration and temperature measurement shall be taken.

4. All takeout, express delivery, etc. must implement contactless transfer at the entrance and exit of the community.

5. All public areas (especially key areas such as elevators, corridors, railings, etc.) shall be disinfected twice a day.

6. Residents are not allowed to visit each other or have dinner together, are urged to go out as little as possible and strictly adhere to the requirements of wearing masks in public places.

7. All places in the community that are not necessary for residents’ daily life (such as sports and exercise areas etc.) shall be closed.

All places necessary for people’s livelihood (such as farmers markets, drugstore and supermarkets) shall be regularly disinfected, only one entrance and exit shall be used and all gate personnel shall wear masks when taking body temperature measurements.

8. Group activities of more than three people are prohibited in communities, and the distance between two people should not be less than 1 meter.

9. Fever cases will report to the community registration office within 1 hour and people isolated at home will report their temperature information in the morning and evening. If they are not timely and truthfully reported they will be dealth with seriously according to the laws and regulations.

10. Those who return to Longhua from outside the province shall report to the community offices for registration on the same day.

Here is a list of registration offices in Haikou

Since the issuance of this circular, the whole region shall implement it strictly.

In the case of any problems in epidemic prevention and control caused by people refusing to cooperate or fulfill their prevention and control requirements, public security management punishment shall be adopted according to the circumstances until criminal responsibility is investigated according to law.

Source: Hainan Daily

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