LU Praise gospel choir to perform at major cultural event in Haikou, November 18-24

LU Praise, Liberty University’s premiere gospel choir, is traveling to Hainan next week at the invitation of the China Chorus Association as one of only three U.S. choirs performing at the Hainan 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Choir Festival.

On Saturday, Nov. 18, LU Praise will take part in the festival’s opening ceremonies and perform a 20-minute set of gospel songs as one of the event’s featured groups. LU Praise will hold four additional concerts and host workshops throughout the course of the festival before performing another 15-minute set as part of the closing ceremonies on Nov. 24. The group was selected to participate in a multi-ethnic concert with several other international choirs and to demonstrate and lead workshops on the African American choral performance style.

More than 300 Chinese choirs will compete in the event, which is also drawing guest performers from around the world. The event is held on the island of Hainan, the “Chinese Hawaii,” and is part of the nation’s efforts to introduce and encourage diverse culture and arts.

International Choir Festival to take place from November 18-24, 2017