Management and Implementation Hainan’s visa free policy and departmental responsibilities

Management and Implementation Hainan's visa free policy and departmental responsibilities, condensed for readability.

These Measures have been formulated in order to standardize the services and management of visa-free visits to foreigners, maintain national security, and promote the construction of an international tourism islands in Hainan, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the actual situation in Hainan.

Travel agencies established in Hainan are responsible for the reception of Visa-free visits by foreigners.

Visa-Free tourists to Hainan shall comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and rules during their travels in Hainan, register accommodation in accordance with regulations, may not engage in activities that do not correspond to their status as a tourist, and shall not overstay or go to other areas of China without approval.

Visa-free foreigners who need to extend their stay in Hainan or go to other areas in China will need to apply for the appropriate visa documents.

The public security bureau of the provinces, cities, counties and autonomous counties shall be responsible for visa-free visits and for the stay of foreigners.

The administrative departments of public security and tourism of the province, city, county, and autonomous counties shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations on information disclosure, promptly publish the administrative documentation and approval criteria related to visa-free visits by foreigners and related conditions, procedures, time limits, and model texts for visa-free travel to Hainan to provide convenience for foreigners.

Provincial public security agencies are responsible for establishing a foreigners' service management information platform.

Tourism, foreign affairs, transportation and other administrative authorities, customs and frontier inspections and other port inspection units as well as civil aviation, ports, railways, road passenger transport, travel agencies, etc., should be networked with foreigner service management information platforms for visa-free visits to Hainan. The identity information and data such as ticketing, verification, and security checks are transmitted to the foreigner service management information platform in real time, and linkage services and management are provided to foreigners who travel visa-free.

The port inspection units such as customs and frontier inspections shall optimize the customs clearance environment to facilitate visa-free visits to foreigners to enter and leave Hainan.

The airline should push ticket purchase information for visa-free visitors to Hainan to foreign countries in real time and send them to customs inspection agencies, border inspections, etc. to facilitate the implementation of pre-inspection and reduce on-site waiting time for customs clearance.

The administrative service halls, tourism advisory service centers, service hotlines, tourist resorts, duty-free shops and other units established by the provincial and municipal people's governments of cities, counties and autonomous counties and related departments shall be equipped with foreign language talents as required, and provide foreigners with necessary translation services.

Travel agencies shall, in accordance with the provisions of the state, recruit, organize, and accept visa-free visits to Hainan and shall inform foreigners of all relevant laws, regulations and rules in writing.

Travel agencies should be equipped with full-time staff and foreign language guides who can accept visa-free visits to Hainan by foreigners.

Travel agencies shall submit the identity information and itinerary of the traveler to the public security bureau and the border inspection agency 24 hours before the visa-free foreigner visits Hainan.

Visa-free visits to Hainan where foreigners need to extend their stay, travel to other areas in China, or leave the country in advance, travel agencies should assign special personnel to assist them in processing visa documents or exit procedures.

If a travel agency finds visa-free tourists who are overstaying indefinitely or go to other areas in China without approval, they shall report to the public security agency within 2 hours and assist in handling the situation.

The relevant ticketing companies and entities shall apply for registration of real-name ticket purchases for visa-free visits by foreigners, and submit their identity and ticket purchase information to the public security bureau in real time.

Airport security inspections shall be conducted through the foreigner service management information platform for visa-free visits. If they find that travelers have not applied for visa documents to travel to other areas in China, they shall be stopped and notified of the re issuance of visa documents policy and timely reports sent to the public security bureau.

Public security agencies such as harbor affairs and railways should set up inspection sites to make Visa-free inspections of foreigners' passports or other valid documents and the management of outlying islands through foreigner service management information platforms.

Where companies such as ports, ships, and related personnel find that visa-free tourists rent vessels such as fishing boats and cargo ships without permission, they should be stopped and reported to public security agencies in a timely manner.

Where a travel agency violates the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 13 of these measures and fails to report or assist in the handling of the public security bureau, the public security bureau shall order it to make corrections and impose a fine ranging from 3,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, the tourism administration shall revoke its business license in accordance with the Travel Agents Ordinance.

Whoever violates the provisions of these Measures and constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

The present measures shall come into effect on May 1, 2018. The “Measures for the Administration and Administration of Visa-free Visa Tours to Foreigners” promulgated by the People’s Government of Hainan Province on May 29, 2010 shall be repealed at the same time.

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