Many parts of Haikou city now under “Closed Management”

At the time of writing all urban and rural residential areas in Haikou Xiuying and Qiongshan districts are under “closed management”. Other districts are expected to follow.   (photo credit: Jessica Smith)

February 4th, the people’s Government of Xiuying District of Haikou issued a notice on the implementation of a “ten step” management system in urban and rural residential areas (Xiu Ban Fa [2020] No. 2).

Prevention and control measures.

The specific measures are as follows:

1. All urban and rural residential areas of the whole district are under “closed management”, with special personnel on duty 24 hours a day to test the temperature of people entering and leaving.

2. People who do not live or work in the residential areas or villages, will be subject to “entry permit” management. Temporary visitors are not allowed to enter. If it is necessary to enter or leave due to special circumstances, the management personnel must record it.

3. Residents in the community and villages shall not gather together in groups or visit friends. Masks should be worn when entering or exiting residential areas or moving about in public places.

4. All public places in the community and village that are not necessary for residents’ daily life shall be closed; business hours shall be reasonably arranged in places such as farmer’s markets, supermarkets, drugstore, etc.; delivery and take out shall be carried out without contact.

5. All communities and villages should be disinfected regularly, and places with high traffic such as elevators should be disinfected more frequently.

6. Residents who have fever, cough and other symptoms shall report to the community or village committee and seek medical treatment in a timely manner. The community and village committees should arrange personnel to follow-up, and report suspected cases to their superiors and deal with the situation according to regulations.

7. Residents of a community or village who return from outside Hainan Province shall report to the community within 12 hours, fill in the report form, and abide by the prevention and control regulations.

8. During the closed management period, no house rental or leasing will be allowed.

9. Those who conceal symptoms, refuse to accept the temperature tests, do not cooperate with home observation, rent a house without permission or hinder the prevention and control work shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to the law.

10. Prevention and control personnel who neglect their duties in prevention and control work shall be held accountable.

Illegal acts such as deceitful reporting, spreading rumours, hoarding, purchasing maliciously and driving up prices shall be dealt with seriously and promptly according to law.

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