Music event

Do you like coffee? Do you like music? Are questions an effective method for drawing you into some text? If you answered yes to these three questions, read on There’s a fantastic coffee shop near snack street in evergreen park, called “Du Coffee” (度咖啡). An ideal scene to host a little music event. It’s not going to be a really loud one. We’ve got three quietish performances, on a variety of instruments Mini Big Song – one guy with a ukulele playing and singing, and sometimes playing the uke like a drum A Nong & Zheng Zheng – a guitar player with great feel and vibe, and a bluesy female singer. Yana Hanpan – ever seen one of those UFO looking drum things, that sounds like it could be from an alien world in Star Trek? That’s a hang drum. Very soothing and mysterious. Well, anyway. Early start and early finish. So if you’re an early to bed kind of person it could be cool, and it could be a good way for the night owls to start the night. All welcome Free admission