Notice from Dept of Science and Technology to companies hiring foreigners

Department of Science and Technology Hainan Province

Supplementary notice on prevention and control of infectious pneumonia

In order to prevent and control pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in an effective and timely manner we hereby give the following notice.

1. According to the provincial government’s requirements on the joint prevention and control of the new coronavirus, if foreigners employed by a company or work unit are found to have a fever, cough, fatigue or other relevant symptoms a responsible person in the company shall call the local fever clinic, (or call 12345 or 12320 for consultation) to determine if they need to go to the clinic.

At the same time report to the relevant epidemic prevention and control departments of the relevant cities and counties, and please cooperate with prevention and control work.

2. Each foreigner employing unit is expected to act responsibly and practically. If the contact person at the employing unit receives a report of a cough, fever, fatigue or other symptoms from foreign personnel in the company he/she must report the details to the company / unit leader.

The company leader shall personally take charge of the situation, contact a consultant regarding medical treatment, report the situation to the relevant departments and coordinate the prevention and control work.

3. If it is necessary for the Provincial Department of Science and Technology to coordinate with other relevant departments, please report to them immediately.  

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