People’s Government of Hainan Province Notice on Initiating a Class I Public Health Emergency Response Mechanism

People’s Government of Hainan Province Notice on Initiating a Class I Public Health Emergency Response Mechanism Government of Hainan Announcement [2020]#7

To all people’s governments of cities, counties and autonomous counties in Hainan, and work units directly under the control of the provincial government:

Facing the need to prevent and control the novel coronavirus epidemic from spreading in Hainan Province, in according with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and the Emergency Plan for Public Health Emergencies in Hainan Province and other relevant regulations, the provincial government has decided to initiate a Class I public health emergency response mechanism.

The relevant matters are notified as below:

I. Geographic Implementation of Responsibilities

All municipal and county governments shall immediately establish a leading group for the work of preventing and controlling novel coronavirus infections in Hainan;

Shall be responsible for the work of preventing and controlling any epidemic in their respective jurisdictions; and, all work units within the jurisdiction shall have unified leadership, command and coordination.

All cities, counties and relevant departments must perform their respective functions and work together to do an effective job at epidemic prevention and control. Central government work units, military garrisons, and armed police units in Hainan also must accept unified control and dispatch.

II. Strengthening the Control of People Entering Hainan Island

Control of epidemic or potential epidemic conditions is done on the basis of refusing entry to people from affected areas; comprehensively investigating all people coming to Hainan from affected or potentially affected areas (with a special focus on people coming from areas known to have a high level of risk); and proceed with non-proliferation management.

All transportation hubs on the island (inclusive of airports, bus stations, train stations, and ports) shall set up body temperature monitoring points; all people entering the island must be checked for fever and must register their personal details.

Any persons who are found to have symptoms or suspected symptoms shall be immediately placed into temporary quarantine for timely inspection and reporting to the local health department and agencies for disease prevention and control.

All city and county governments shall follow up and register all visitors (including people returning home for the holidays) from affected areas, and are required to immediately report symptoms such as fever or coughing. Isolation measures will be strictly implemented for all confirmed cases, in-hospital medical observation shall be used for suspected cases, and home-based quarantine can be used for people who have come into close contact with infected individuals.

All cities and counties must strictly control activities in areas affected by epidemics; any cities or county which has already experienced cases of disease should proceed with sanitation management and disinfection work in public places, markets and other densely populated locations.

III. Strictly Implement an Information Reporting System

The management of epidemic information reports shall be implemented on a geographic basis. If any medical or health institutions at any level anywhere in the province finds outbreaks of epidemic related illnesses, they must report it to the local centers for disease prevention and control in accordance with relevant regulations.

All cities, counties, and work units that encounter cases or suspected cases of the novel coronavirus infection must immediately report these cases to local centers for disease prevention and control.

All cities and counties must strengthen the management of epidemic situation reports and information release; no work unit or individual may publish epidemic situation information without authorization; and if any intentional concealment, accidental omission or unauthorized release of epidemic situation information is discovered, the responsibility of the relevant units and individuals shall be investigated according to the law.

IV. Strengthen the Management of Medical and Health Agencies and Institutions Across the Province.

All medical and health agencies and institutions at all levels must resolutely implement a system of pre-inspection and triage for infectious diseases, in accordance with the requirements of the national policies regarding the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus infection effectively train medical personnel; prepare pharmaceutical equipment and reagents; control the occurrence of outbreaks originating from hospitals; treat medical waste; and protect medical staff.

Across the province, centers for disease prevention and control at all levels must effectively carry out the search for potential cases, epidemiological investigation, epidemic elimination, and laboratory testing; and must organize the work of epidemic monitoring, epidemic evaluation, epidemic prediction, and early warnings.

V. Strengthen Publicity Guidance

All cities and counties should make targeted publicity and education plans based on the local epidemic situation; shall make full use of multiple information channels; shall carry out extensive and in-depth education on prevention and control knowledge; shall vigorously promote “mask utilisation” and, shall work to effectively reduce the spread of infectious respiratory diseases.

They shall strengthen the collection of public opinion related to infectious diseases and the response to public opinion related to infectious diseases; clarify false rumors in a timely manner; take the initiative to respond to social concerns; avoid mass panic; and, effectively maintain social stability.

VI. Strengthen Group Prevention and Group Governance

Carry out extensive social mobilization; fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses and jointly take effective measures to prevent the epidemic from spreading.

Municipal and county governments must seriously create and develop health campaigns; must give full play to the role of grass-roots organizations such as towns, villages, neighborhoods, and work units; must mobilize all parties to do an effective job of collecting epidemic related information, isolating potential affected individuals, and implementing public health measures; must improve the general public’s self-protection awareness level and self protection capabilities; and must minimize the need to go out or gather in large numbers.

Those members of the public who came to Hainan from epidemic affected areas should proactively take the initiative to cooperate with measures such as detection, in-home observation, and quarantine.

VII. Do an effective Job at Material Guarantee Work

The governments of all cities and counties, and all relevant departments shall do an effective job at preparing emergency supplies such as novel coronavirus related medicines and equipment, personal protective equipment, emergency vehicles, and case isolation and treatment equipment.

In the event that any epidemic related situations occur, an emergency response mechanism must be immediately started in order to ensure that various prevention and control measures are comprehensively carried out in an orderly manner.

Acts that disrupt market order, such as the selling of fake and shoddy products or of price gouging shall, in accordance with the law, be investigated and dealt with sternly and strictly.

This notice shall come into effect from the date of issuance; the termination date of this notice shall be separately announced by the provincial government.

People’s Government of Hainan Province

January 25, 2020
(This Document is Approved for Public Release and Dissemination)

Translated by: Marian Rosenberg, 海南凡一翻译有限公司

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