Pre-Shares Incubation Park, Full-Sing Town Haikou, hosts delegation from Darwin, Australia, sister city of Haikou

Friday 10 May 2019: Pre-Shares Incubation Park in Full-Sing Town Haikou, hosted a visiting delegation from Darwin City, Australia, sister city of Haikou.

Darwin became a sister city to Haikou in 1990 signing the agreement on September 5th.

Initial investigations for sister city affiliations with Haikou began as far back as February 1987 through Lord Mayor Alec Fong Lim, the Australian-China Friendship Society and Council’s then Sister City Management Committee, and since then the two cities have an extremely productive and fruitful relationship.

Delegation from Darwin, Australia, sister city of Haikou in Pre-Shares

Since 1990, there have been a number of successful education, arts and cultural exchanges between the two cities.

In 2016 Darwin received an Award of Honor for exchanges and cooperation with China at the, China International Friendship Cities Conference.

From our perspective, the door is open. Stop flying over us and start flying into us.

Mr. Joshua Peter Sattler

Currently the Haikou Sister City Advisory Committee is developing a Digital Art Pilot Project, Urban Landscapes: Past As Present, and has engaged award winning artist Naina Sen to explore ways that Haikou and Darwin can share stories via digital media.

Leading the delegation was Alderman Bouhoris who was elected to the 22nd City of Darwin Council in August 2017. He is reportedly “passionate about further developing suburban Darwin and the future development to align with business and employment growth; at the same time continuing to attract people and businesses to the vibrant, safe and appealing street life of our major shopping and entertainment precincts”.

Alderman Bouhoris is focused on supporting programs that create safer streets, improve amenities and community group facilities and improve design of public spaces. This includes further developing fitness and cycling infrastructure and trialing a free scooter and Electric vehicle parking schemes across the entire city.

Other members of the delegation included;

Mr. Joshua Peter Sattler: General Manager, Innovation, Growth and Development services, City of Darwin

Ms. Qinxia / Cherry Cai: Manager, International Business Relations, City of Darwin

Mr. Matthew Findlay: Aviation Development Director, Darwin International Airport Shane deWit: Commercial Director, Norther Territory Airport