Quinten Van Duin – Ozense

Quintin van Duin, founder of Xumi technology has been in Hainan for the past three years. His company has been developing a product to bring nature back into the home or office.

Over the past few years, Quinten and his team have designed and created an enclosed eco-system which plants can grow in, bringing life to boring wall spaces.

We learn from Quinten that one of the major obstacles that Xumi has faced when setting up in Hainan is finding the right talent. As their product is under constant development and there is a lot of unknowns, he needs qualified people that can help overcome these problems.

Xumi technology is based in the Fuxing City Pre-Shares incubation centre, in Haikou. The incubator not only provides office space for the company but also access to a testing area to use for further development and research.

Quinten also mentions that Pre-Shares are always helpful with legal advice, information on new policies and the latest information on government funding and how his company can apply for these grants.

At present, the company is gearing up to make a small batch of the product (around 500 units). As soon as the small-batch production is successful they plan to go to large scale manufacturing.

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