SOSV Skydive Summit 2018 concluded successfully in Sanya

December 15th, 2018 – Strongly supported by Hainan Government, SOSV Skydive Summit 2018 concluded successfully in Sanya. It is the first time for Skydive to be held in Asia by Chinaccelerator and STATA accelerator.

As a result of being part of the Hainan “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival, the conference has become the largest Skydive in the history with over 500 attendees from 25 different countries and cities.

Skydive, an annual global community gathering for SOSV, started in the US in 2015. It houses SOSV accelerators and their communities, including investors, startup founders, industry experts, and partners, under one roof, with the aim of allowing them to deliver actionable insights across different industries.

The one-day conference featured the world-class keynotes, panels and pitches from senior Hainan government officials, local fund representatives, accelerator partners and directors, investors and startups. Topics included investment trends and development in hardware, Biotech, Internet, and mobile industries worldwide.

Sean O’Sullivan, Founder and Managing Partner of SOSV, shared his story about how SOSV was founded in 1995 and how he transitioned it from a personal investment vehicle into a global organization, running 6 worldwide accelerators and having over 90 staff supporting investments in over 150 new startups every year.

Yan Zhou, Founder at Asia Pacific Financial (Fund) Town introduced Fund Policy and the investment environment in Hainan. SOSV accelerator partners and local representatives discussed the challenges in driving innovation and entrepreneurship. Benjamin Qiu, Partner at Loeb & Loeb, gave a talk on IP protection in China. 

About SOSV 

SOSV funds over 150 startups per year through its accelerator programs focusing on five key areas: HAX (Hardware and connected devices, Shenzhen), IndieBio (Synthetic Biology, San Francisco), Chinaccelerator (Software, Shanghai), Food-X (Food business, New York City), and MOX (Mobile apps, Taipei). Now a global fund with $525M assets under management, SOSV’s net IRR over the last 20 years puts it in the top 5% of all venture funds worldwide.