Successful conclusion of World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Boao, Hainan

Praised as a huge success by participants, the Medical Tourism Association® recently concluded the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Boao, China held June 28-30th in Boao, Hainan province, China. Co-organized by the MTA in partnership with the Hainan government and Beijing Great-Idea Business Resources Company Ltd., WMTC-2016 Boao, China hosted over 600 top-tier attendees from China and across the globe for three days of intense networking meetings and educational sessions.

The MTA’s objective during the conference was twofold:

  1. To connect international hospitals with Chinese medical tourism facilitators who are currently sending 60,000 plus Chinese patients to the U.S., Europe and Asia for a wide variety of medical services. These include cancer treatments, cardiology, organ transplants, fertility treatments, pediatric treatments, comprehensive health- check-ups and anti-aging therapies.
  2. To provide elite international organizations with access to governments, healthcare, hospitality 
 and potential partners to develop strategic business relationships and exchanges that allow them to grow their presence in the China healthcare market and ultimately improve healthcare quality in China.

International hospitals at the conference had the opportunity to meet with top Chinese facilitators including Beijing Saint Lucia Consulting, Shanghai Medical Tourism Products & Promotion Platform, and Medebound, among many others, and develop relationships with the goal of increasing patient referrals from China. According to Dr. Richard Taylor of Kalispell Regional Healthcare, “ this conference was very beneficial for our organization and helped us build relationships and connections with key individuals both in China and with other countries that were present. The conference was professionally presented and provided a valuable foundation for our international medical tourism program.”

A primary focus of the event was on the Boao Lecheng Medical Travel Pilot Zone, which is currently under development. With over 7 billion USD in total investment, the Hainan Government is seeking to attract international partnerships and collaborations to create a world-class Healthcare City.

As a result of the event, the MTA is in the process of signing an MOU with the Hainan government to help develop the Boao Lecheng Medical Travel Pilot Zone through initiatives such as hospital building projects, training and certification, and promoting international a liations, partnerships and investment all in an effort to develop the China healthcare market.


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