Surfing at Ri Yue Bay, Wanning Hainan Island

Surfing at Ri Yue Bay, (sun, moon bay) Wanning Hainan Island

Ri yue wan is my favorite place on Hainan island, for me it's the perfect get away from the city and has everything I enjoy, the beach, bars, sunshine and western food. Although it is mostly famous for surfing, being one the best surfing spots in China and from what I've heard without doubt the best surfing spot on Hainan island with many international surfing competitions held there each year.

I also love Ri yue wan for the people, with it been a surfing environment, everyone is really laid back and open minded. I'm am always nicely surprised at how many people can speak English there too, for a tourist visiting China, having a weekend away at Ri yue wan it's easy to get what you need and get by.

So where is Ri yue wan and how to get there.

Ri yue wan is situated on the south coast of Hainan island and is between Lingshui and Wanning, it is approximately 20 minutes from Wanning by taxi which will cost you anything from 50-100 yuan. There's also a train station in Wanning, so if you're travelling from Haikou the train takes around 1 hour and costs 60 rmb and if you're travelling from Sanya it takes 55 mintues and 40 rmb

So first get the train from Haikou or Sanya into Wanning station, then a taxi from Wanning station to Ri yue wan. Once you exit the train station all the taxis will be lined up outside. Below is some useful Chinese to help you get to Ri yue wan

我要去三亚站 I want to go to Sanya station

我要去海口东站I want to go to Haikou east station

我要去万宁东站I want to go to Wanning station

我要去海口机场 I want to go to Haikou airport

我要去三亚机场 I want to go to Sanya airport

我要去:森林客栈日月湾冲浪店 I want to go to forrest inn at sun moon bay (to be used from wanning station at the taxi rank)

多少钱 How much is it?

It may be useful, copy and pasting these simple phrases and printing them off to use on your trip.

Where to stay in Ri yue wan? So I've been a few times now and I always stay at  the forrest inn hotel, I book my room in advance over wechat through a lady that works there called Joanna, I will leave her contact information below, she can speak English and is happy to help you to book a room and will be there for when you check in.

Joanna has always been very helpful on my visits to Ri yue wan. If you haven't already I would reccomend downloading the APP Wechat, it's what everyone uses here, it's similar to what's app, only there are more features available and it will make getting around and contacting people much easier.

For booking contact Joanna


wechat: zhaoxi-918

Rates of rooms: 218/288/328

If you are like me and just use a hotel to put your head, then the 218 room is perfectly fine for the night (rooms shown below in price order)



What's at Ri yue wan? It is primarily a surfing hot spot, although if relaxing on the beach or in the bar is what you like then Ri yue wan is still for you. There are also some nice walks through Chinese villages in the mountains behind the bay which lead you to a waterfall, roughly 5km away from the beach front. I've yet to go but I hear there's some great snorkeling spots not far from the beach. Shaka surf club also has a skating half pipe and there's a another skate-park further up the beach. Ri yue wan is also very close to Xin long tropical gardens, which I have also visited and recommend

There's also the opportunity to learn surfing at Ri yue wan, there are a few surf bars, and a surf hostel. I will leave the details below for Shaka surf club, which is my favorite place to hang out, you can book English/Chinese surfing classes through these guys. There are other surf clubs there, this is just the one I always hang out at and I feel has the best spot at Ri yue, it's also straight across from the hotel.

Surfing lesson prices:

400rmb/2hours/1 person, coach and equipment

Rental of surfboards

Softboard: 100rmb a day

Hardboard 200rmb a day


Contact details of Shaka surf club ( I would recommend booking in advance)

Wechat/telephone: 18289538653





If you would like to contact me for anymore information about Ri yue wan you can add me on wechat


Also find me on instagram @jake_canning. I also shoot surf photography, so if you're a surfer heading to Ri yue wan get in touch!

Some photo's were provided by the hotel and surf club