Tencent Esports “Annual Summit,” to take place in Hainan Boao Asia International Conference Center, June 20th

On May 7, Tencent Esports announced its plans for the “Tencent Global Esports Annual Summit,” which will take place in the Hainan Boao Asia International Conference Center, Hainan, China, on June 20. Tencent said that it will invite executives, leaders, experts, and academics from esports, sports, and technology.

In the announcement, Tencent stated:

“Esports has entered the mid-term of its golden age. After great achievements in 2018, China has become a powerful country in the esports industry. A concept of ‘Esports can win national honor for the country’ has popularity spread in Chinese society.”

The summit will be hosted by the Hainan government and Tencent Esports. Tencent stated that it will reveal its plans for the China esports industry as a whole during the event.