Tenth China International Creative Design And Promotion Week Will Be Held In Haikou

The 2019 Tenth China International Creative Design Promotion Week sponsored by the China Council for international trade promotion will be held from August 16~18 in Haikou, Hainan.

This “creative week” will invite creative designers, cultural heritage units, cultural enterprises and cultural tourism manufacturing enterprises to participate in forums, exhibitions and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and other activities to promote creative design, IP resources, and the development of creative design in Hainan, and drive Hainan’s “creative economic belt”.

The Forum on Chinese cultural and creative industries development is one of the highlight activities of this creative week.

[Delegates to the Conference]

(1) Representative of China Council for the Promotion of Trade;

(2) Enterprises engaged in the design, processing and circulation of creative products;

(3) Local Trade Promotion Conferences, International Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations;

(4) Relevant embassies in China and representative offices of foreign business associations in China.

[Registration Method]

(1) Conference fees: No fee is charged for this event. After the examination and approval, the participants can attend the meeting. The delegates will pay for the transportation and accommodation fees.

(2) Registration method: Please register online HERE by July 31, 2019. Detailed files can be downloaded from the attachment.

Contact information

Contact: Jiang Junyi, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Commercial Industry Committee

Phone: 010-66094270

Fax: 010-66094220

Email: ccpitjjy@163.com

Contact: Hou Wei, Zhou Shuwen, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hainan Provincial Committee

Tel: 0988-65367272; 65326960

Fax: 0898-65391766

Email: 13162636682@qq.com