The Hainan Intl Investment single window processed more than 1,500 foreign companies

Hainan International Investment

The single window went online for trial operation on April 13, 2020.

As of November 13, 2020, 1539 foreign-funded enterprises have processed 3,250 investment-related businesses services online.

To find the “single window”, open Wechat and search for the official account “海南商务”(HNDOC), follow the account. On the bottom right corner you will see “特色窗口” , click it. On the popup menu 国际贸易单一窗口 is International Trade Single Window and 国际投资单一窗口 is International Investment Single Window.

The single window for international investment includes four modules:

1. Consulting services.

2. Business establishment.

3. Project construction.

4. Supporting services.

The window integrates 13 departments and 20 government systems, including investment promotion, market supervision, and project approval.

It also provides business establishment registration, changes, cancellation, social security registration and online processing and consulting of 179 investment services such as visa and certificate processing.

The window covers the entire process of investment from before, during and after.

The establishment of the single window aims to make full use of IT to provide investors with a one-stop full-process high-quality service, and to improve the level of facilitating investment.

The window aims to help enterprises in Hainan with future investments and development.

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