The State Council’s 20 initiatives to develop Hainan 2018 to 2035

The State Council's 20 initiatives to develop Hainan 2018 to 2035

1. Explore the development of sports-type lottery and large-scale international competitions.

2, Encourage the development of horse racing and equine sports. Support the establishment of a southern national sports training base and provincial sports center in Hainan, encourage the development of beach sports, water sports, horse racing and other projects, and support the creation of a national sports tourism demonstration area.

3. Promote the integration of culture and tourism. Develop emerging online cultural industries such as animation games, digital content, and promote the upgrading of traditional cultural activities. Tourist hotel are allowed to receive overseas TV channels approved by the country.

4. Promote the development of military and civilian integration. Hainan will become a demonstration base for the development of military and civilian integration. Build a national strategic energy reserve base.

5. Encourage overseas institutions to settle in Hainan. Support Hainan and promote the construction of its headquarter base and encourage multinational corporations and large domestic enterprise groups to establish international headquarters and regional headquarters in Hainan. Support the establishment of a 21st century maritime Silk Road culture, education, agriculture and tourism exchange platform in Hainan and promote the construction of Qionghai Agriculture's opening up and cooperation pilot area.

6. Establish the Hainan Free Trade Port Construction Investment Fund. The relevant departments of the Central Government shall, based on Hainan Province's construction of a free trade pilot zone, explore and implement a free trade port policy that meets Hainan's development, promptly decentralize the relevant administrative authority to Hainan Province and give full autonomy in the reform. In accordance with market approach, a Hainan Free Trade Port Construction Investment Fund will be established.

7, Initiate a high starting point for the development of the marine economy. Actively promote commercial exploitation of natural gas hydrates and seabed minerals in the South China Sea, encourage private enterprises to participate in the development of the South China Sea resources, accelerate the development of new industries such as marine biology, seawater desalination and comprehensive utilization, marine renewable energy, marine engineering equipment, R&D and applications.

8, Regarding the island’s tax-free shopping policy, we will implement a more open and convenient tax-free shopping policy for outlying islands, achieve full coverage of outlying islanders, and increase duty-free shopping quotas.

9, Support Hainan’s development to open a multinational cruise route and support Sanya and other cruise ports to carry out trials of open ocean shipping routes and accelerate the development of Sanya as a home port for cruise ships. Relaxation of yacht tourism control. We will promote the development of Xisha tourism resources in an orderly manner and steadily open up island tours.

10. Regarding Boao Music City & International Medical Tourism Pilot Area. We will fully implement and improve the international medical tourism pioneer district policy of Boao Music City, encourage research, development and application of new medical technology, new equipment, and new medicines, and formulate a facilitation policy to support overseas patients.

11. Allow foreign investment in cultural industries. Foreign investors are allowed to set up a performance brokerage agency operating in the province of Hainan, allow foreign capital to set up performance venue business units in approved cultural tourism industrial clusters in Hainan Province. Performance programs must comply with national laws and policies.

12. Gradually prohibit the sale of fossil fuel vehicles. Scientifically and reasonably control the number of motor vehicles, accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles and energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles, and gradually prohibit the sale of fossil fuel vehicles on Hainan Island.

13, A total ban on the production, sale and use of disposable, non-biodegradable plastic bags and plastic tableware in Hainan and accelerate the application of green packaging in the express delivery industry.

14, The construction of a "digital Hainan." We will promote the full coverage of urban and rural fiber optic networks and high-speed mobile communication networks, accelerate the implementation of information into villages and households projects, and strive to improve the capacity of communications and protection in the South China Sea.

15. Establish international trading venues such as energy and commodities. Support the establishment of international trading sites such as energy, shipping, bulk commodities, property rights, equity, and carbon emission rights in Hainan in compliance with laws and regulations.

16. Create a strategic highland for space technology innovation. For strategic areas such as deep-sea exploration, development and utilization of marine resources, and aerospace applications, Hainan will support the deployment of a number of major scientific research infrastructure and conditional platforms, and build a major science and technology innovation base in the aerospace field and a national deep-sea base south center.

17. Coordinate the promotion of rural land expropriation and a collective reform system pilot project in Hainan province, and establish a mechanism for adjusting reasonable price rates for different ownerships and land use for different purposes and a value-added income distribution mechanism to co-ordinate different regions accounting for Farmers' different income levels for different land types.

18. Strengthen regional cooperation and interaction. Close cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao in maritime, maritime police, fisheries, maritime search and rescue, and other areas, especially the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area.

19. Implement the most stringent land-saving system. Implement dual-control actions on the total amount and intensity of construction land, promote urban renewal and reconstruction projects, and carry out overall integration and unified development of inefficient and scattered land, so as to ensure that the total amount of construction land in Hainan does not increase on an existing basis, and the average per capita land and industrial land and units are domestic.

20. It is necessary to formulate a plan to stabilize market expectations and resolutely guard against speculation in real estate speculation.

Supporting qualified travel companies IPO

"Guiding Opinions on Supporting Hainan's Comprehensive Deepening of Reform and Opening-up" pointed out that Hainan tourism enterprises should be encouraged to optimize their reorganization, support eligible enterprises in listing and financing, and promote the scale, brand, and network management of the tourism industry to form a group of internationally competitive enterprises.

Specifically, there are currently 30 A-share listed companies in Hainan, mainly in Haikou and Sanya. In terms of market value, Hainan Airlines Holdings topped the list with RMB 53.419 billion; Hainan Airlines ranked second with a total market value of RMB 43.609 billion; Haihong Holdings was RMB 38.081 billion, ranking third.

The establishment of a timetable for the establishment of a free trade port

★ By 2020

Simultaneously with the national goal of building an all-round well-off society, ensuring poverty-stricken rural population under the current standards will achieve poverty alleviation; the development of the free trade pilot zone will have made important progress; international openness will have been significantly improved; the public service system will have been improved; the system of ecological civilization will have been basically established, and the quality of the ecological environment will have continued to maintain first-rate national standards.

★ By 2025

The quality and efficiency of economic growth will have increased significantly; the free trade port system will have been initially established; the business environment will have reached the domestic first-rate level; the democratic legal system will have become more complete; the modernization of the governance system and governance capacity will have improved significantly; the level and quality of public services will have reached domestic advanced level; The equalization of services will have been basically achieved; the quality of ecological environment will continue to maintain the leading level in the country.

★ By 2035

Hainan will be at the forefront of the socialist modernization drive; the system of free trade ports will have become more mature; the business environment will be among the highest in the world; people’s lives will be more affluent; all people’s common prosperity will have taken solid steps forward; quality public services and innovation; the entrepreneurial environment will have reached international advanced level; the quality of the ecological environment and the efficiency of resource utilization will be at world leading level; the governance structure of a modern society will have been basically formed.

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