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Where to eat in Sanya, Sanya Dolphin Sports Bar & Grill

Any expat you meet in China will tell you, with a pained expression on her/his face, how desperately they miss Mexican food. Luckily, Mexican is not difficult to come by at Dolphin Sports Bar & Grill! With a huge selection of menu items, including standard pub fare; and a large selection of beers, both foreign and domestic; you can rest assured that Dolphin has something delicious for every kind of traveler; but hey, you came for the tacos, didn’t you?

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On Yuya Road, Dadong Beach Tourism District.

In front of Sanya Dadong Hai Jia You Hotel.

5 minutes within Dadong Beach.

15 minutes from Sanya Bay.

30-45 minutes from Yalong Bay


Name in Chinese: 海豚西餐厅

Address in Chinese: 大东海榆亚大道99号新浪乐居

Phone: 0898-88215700


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