Totally Wild presenter Scott Bidmead filming new adventure lifestyle show in Hainan

Adelaide-based Scott has just finished shooting the first full-length episode of Open Ended Life, his new series focusing on “adventure, success and wellbeing”, in Hainan, China.

“I’ve wanted to create a lifestyle show for ages but something with a bit of purpose as opposed to just being about pretty destinations,” he tells Confidential.

“I started studying positive psychology and I thought what if I combine that with a lifestyle show... something super engaging, visual and cinematic, but also a bit more substantial.”

After a chance meeting with Chinese government officials a couple of months ago, Scott, 24, received financial support to film a pilot episode in Hainan, which has been dubbed the “Hawaii of China”.


Scott Bidmead shooting his new lifestyle show Open Ended Life in China. Picture: Clark Spendelow

The episode will be shown in China and hopefully in Australia, with Scott in talks with Channel 10. He’s also pitching the idea to streaming service Netflix. “I’ve worked on travel shows before... but this is definitely a dream come true,” says Scott, who’s on the way to Hong Kong to film another episode.

“It’s almost surreal that I’m over here, with my own crew creating something that I’ve been working on for so long, that I’m really passionate about, and there’s a good purpose behind it. Hopefully there’s more to come.”