2016 Tour of Hainan to be made more challenging with route through Diaoluo mountains

Diaoluo mountains to make the Tour of Hainan more challenging

Lampre-Merida and Astana set to race in China at the end of the season again

Just like last year, China's number 1 stage race Tour of Hainan (UCI 2.H.C.) will start and finish in Wanning-Xinglong but a more challenging route has been released by the race organisers. The tenth Tour of Hainan was won by Italy's Sacha Modolo ahead of Andrei Zeits from Kazakhstan in 2016. Their respective teams Lampre-Merida and Astana have signed up again this year for the race due to take place on China's tropical island from October 22 to 30.

Totalling 1512km of racing in nine days, the event will feature eighteen cities and towns. Three mountain stages including the traditional uphill finish at Wuzhishan are featured on the route with the queen stage set to be stage 8 in which five King of the Mountains prices will be awarded for a total of 56.4km of climbing in the Diaoluo mountains. It's an unprecedented challenge at the Tour of Hainan that has all-rounders and sprinters as overall winners on its record books in the past few years: Francisco Ventoso, Valentin Iglinskiy, Dmitry Gruzdev, Moreno Hofland, Julien Antomarchi and Modolo.

Organised by the national sports bureau and Hainan provincial government, the Tour of Hainan, created in 2006 to promote "Sunshine Hainan, Paradise Resort", highlights tourism destinations such as Wanning Shimei Bay, Dahuajiao, Haikou Binjiang Road, Binhai Street, Changjiang Qizi Bay, Xinglong Resort, Wuzhishan, Wanquan River, Haitang Bay, Meilang Sister Tower, Diaoluo Moutain, Yanuoda and Binlang Valley to combine seaside view, tropical forest, south ocean culture and Li & Miao minorities' culture with the race. 

2016 Tour of Hainan

Stage 1: October 22nd, Wanning Xinglong Criterium, 88.3km

Stage 2: October 23rd, Wanning Xinglong-Qionghai-Dingan-Wenchang-Haikou, 228km

Stage 3: October 24th, Haikou-Dingan-Tunchang-Chengmai, 208km

Stage 4: October 25th, Chengmai-Lingao-Danzhou, 159.4km

Stage 5: October 26th, Danzhou-Baisha-Changjiang, 184.9km

Stage 6: October 27th, Changjiang-Dongfang-Ledong-Wuzhishan, 198.1km

Stage 7: October 28th, Wuzhishan-Baoting-Sanya, 126.8km

Stage 8: October 29th, Sanya-Lingshui-Qiongzhong, 173km

Stage 9: October 30th, Qiongzhong-Wanning Xinglong, 145.5km

Source: http://www.cyclingnews.com

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