Two water system treatment projects in Jiangdong begin construction

The Jiangdong water system treatment project has begun construction. The Linggui Canal Relocation Project (Greenland Chengdong County Community- Fuchuangxi Section) is one of 8 water system improvement projects in the Jiangdong New Area.

There are currently four main irrigation channels in the Jiangdong New Area, Lingshan Main Canal, Lingdong Sub-main Canal, Linggui Main Canal and Yanfeng Main Canal.

Linggui Main Canal and Lingdong Sub-main Canal are both located in the offshore innovation and entrepreneurship group of Jiangdong New Area.

After the relocation of the Canal, the total length will be 2.52 kilometers.

The starting point of the relocation section is on the eastern side of the Greenland Chengdong County Community, and the endpoint is the planned blue line on the left bank of Fuchuang River.

The estimated total investment for the project is about 27 million yuan, and it is expected to be completed in May 2021.

“It will enhance the value of the surrounding land and help the social and economic development of the Jiangdong New Area.”

The Lingdong sub-canal in Jiangdong New Area has a total length of 2.8 kilometres, and the total length of the relocation project is about 1.49 kilometres
It will be divided into upstream and downstream sections.

Among them, the upstream section relocation project is 0.134 kilometres long, and the downstream section relocation project is about 1.36 kilometres long.

The total investment is about 38.98 million yuan. It is expected to be completed in September 2021.

After the completion of the Lingdong branch drainage project, it will be in operation 24 hours a day and prevent flooding of roads and nearby land from heavy rainfall.

The drainage system will remove waterlogging and will increase the ecological water replenishment function to Daomeng River, Maiya River, Tanyanhe River.

Whilst construction is ongoing, care is also been taken to control and prevent river pollution.

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