Opportunities for US Citizen with Masters Degree (MBA)?

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Hello, I am a U.S citizen currently working in the financial services industry. I have over ten years of experience in regulatory compliance, assisting banks in navigating and complying with complex laws and regulations. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Finance/economics and a Master of business administration degree.

I am eager to relocate to Hainan and launch an import/export venture, open a local retail business, or even work for a company in Hainan in the free trade zone.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you!
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Hi JCalderon, good to see you here.

We are currently making inquries and we'll find someone suitable to connect with you.

Best regards

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All foreigners must obtain a Work Permit and a Resident Permit to be able to work in China.
Typically we assist applicants who intend to remain in China and work on a long-term basis.
You can set up a WFOE in Hainan China and we can assist you on arranging the following visas/documents:
China Work Permit
Z visa company invitation letters (Temporary stay with an average validity of up to 30 days)
Resident Permit/Work visa
For more information,please email to Pan@hongdaservice.com and patrick@tropicalhainan.com, looking forward to hear from you.
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greeting from a fellow US citizen working and residing in Haikou. we operate Chronocloud International Offshore Innovation Center
in Haikou targeting only foreign enterprises and entrepreneurs.

to better assist you and give you some guiding points, what exactly do you have in mind as of businesses you wish to engage in? as for potential opps, Hainan will be great for International Travel Medicine, tourism, sporting events, and technology innovation.

and of course, we are recruiting as well, if you are interested, send me your CV, bing@ichronocloud.com.

give me more details, and I will be happy to assist.

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Thank you for the insight. I have reached out to you personally via email for further guidance. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
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