Are there any international clinics / hospitals in Hainan?

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Hainan has set up international clinics in Hainan General Hospital, Chinese Medicine Hospital of Hainan Province, Haikou People’s Hospital, Sanya TCM Hospital, Boao Super Hospital, and make a green medical channel available to all kinds of international talents.

The specific address and contact (appointment) information are as follows:

(1) Hainan General Hospital: Han Ying, Health Care Center Physical Checkup Department
Consultation (appointment)Tel: 0898-68622940/68622935

(2) Hainan TCM Hospital: Huang Xinyi, 5F, No. 1 Building
Consultation (appointment)Tel: 0898-66220132

(3) Haikou People’s Hospital: Shen Yiyang, 4F, Outpatient Building
Consultation (appointment)Tel: 0898-66151024

(4) Boao Super Hospital: Liu Yue, Physical Checkup Center
Consultation (appointment)Tel: 96120

(5) Sanya TCM Hospital: Kou Zhixiong, 3F, Sanya International Friendly TCM Nursing Home
Consultation(appointment)Tel: 0898-31529231/31525777

(6) Comprehensive service consultation and policy interpretation department:

International clinic related service consultation: Medical Administration and Hospital Authority of Provincial Health Commission
Consultation (appointment)Tel: 0898-65388330.

Consultation related to social insurance: Old-age Insurance Office of Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Office.
Consultation (appointment) Tel: 0898-65200870.
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