How should foreign talents handle their children’s enrollment to kindergartens?

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The application for the enrollment of immediate families of Class A, B talents to kindergartens is settled in the
manner of the prevoiusly discussed “one discussion for one case”.

Where children of Class C, D, and E high-level talents need to attend kindergartens, it’s executed according to pre-school education
policies of the cities and counties where they live.

Generally, those who choose public kindergartens must register for the kindergarten or obtain a qualification through a registration

Those who choose private kindergartens contact them and handle the process on their own.

The Education Department of Hainan Province

Add: No 9 Guoxing Avenue, 4th floor, the new government office building, Haikou City

Tel: +86-898-65374249

(1) Comprehensive service and policy interpretation consulting unit: Basic Education Division of Provincial Department of Education, Tel: 0898-65232270, 0898-65230370;

(2) Contact unit for matters related to acceptance of application: “One-stop” Service Platform of Provincial Talent Service Center, Tel: 0898-66501217;

(3) Contact unit for middle school enrollment issues: Middle School Enrollment Office of Provincial Examination Bureau, Tel: 0898-65983889;

(4) Contact unit for college entrance examination questions: General Recruitment Office of Provincial Examination Bureau, Tel: 0898-65879021.
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