What to do if you encounter problems when starting a business in Hainan, how to make a complaint?

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What to do if you encounter problems when starting a business in Hainan, how to make a complaint?

What if government agencies or their staff fail to comply with their responsibilities, charge fees in disguise, or deliberately create difficulties?

Hainan Free Trade Port has launched the "Business Environment Issues Acceptance Platform" to help solve any issues you may encounter when starting your business.

What kind of problems does the platform address?

Governments departments at any level, if they violate regulations to increase or in a disguised manner increase the work load, work materials or extend the time limit for completed work.

Disguised establishment or implementation of administrative licenses, cancelled administrative licenses, unauthorised charges, over-standard charges or repetitive charges, formulation of policy documents closely related to the production and operation of market entities, or failure to listen to the opinions of market entities in accordance with the provisions.

Not taking on, not acting on or refusing, prevaricating or delaying the performance of legal duties, failing to comply with orders or prohibitions, not handling affairs effectively, enforcing laws in a nonstandard or lax manner, substituting punishment for management, or excessively enforcing the law.

Where new officials ignore previous official’s commitments, fail to fulfil policy commitments made to market subjects according to law, and various contracts concluded according to law, or fail to perform administrative reconsideration decisions, the effective awards of judicial organs and the awards of arbitration institutions.

Where difficulties are deliberately created for market entities.

Where there is no legal basis for the implementation of administrative inspection, administrative punishment, administrative coercion and other administrative acts, which hinder the normal production and operation activities of market entities.

Other behaviours that do not perform the duty of optimizing business environment or damage the business environment.

How to solve your issues?

An online complaint platform has been established to collect business environment issues raised by market entities.

The complaints department have committed to actively investigate, conduct individual interviews and perform unannounced visits to understand demands, discover problems and listen to opinions.

General issues will be transferred to relevant city, county or provincial-level departments for research and resolution, key issues will be inspected and supervised by the special work team, and representative and complex issues will be brought to the provincial leaders to personally coordinate and supervise them.

Time-limited feedback.

The responsible unit is required to clarify the specific unit and person in charge within 3 working days, report the verification to the special work class within 10 working days and put forward a work plan for problems that cannot be resolved in a reasonably short period of time.

Review and return visit:

The work team will review the results of the process and follow up the complaints that are determined to be completed and conduct a return visit to the complainant for satisfaction.

The online form is in Chinese, however Bing or Chrome browsers have translation functions that do a pretty good job of translation.


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