Where to submit and download relevant documents for work permit application?

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To apply for the “Application form for work permit for foreigners in China” and “work permit for foreigners to work in China” log into the “management and service system for foreigners working in China” on https://fuwu.most.gov.cn/lhgzweb/ Log in with hkwgrfw@163.com to download required materials and templates (you need to contact the Haikou foreign experts office for the password) Tel:0898-66750650 / 0898-65326830

Address: Haikou Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs: A21-23 Foreigners Integrated Service Windows for Government Services, 1F, Citizens and Visitors Centre, No. 1, Binhai Park Road, Haikou, Tel:0898-66750650. 海口市外专局:海口市滨海公园路 1 号市民游客 中心一楼政务服务 A21-23 外国人服务综合窗口,
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