Development of Hainan’s tropical agriculture industry

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Development of Hainan’s tropical agriculture industry

Hainan has a unique climatic advantage for developing tropical agriculture

Hainan boasts unique tropical agricultural resources, its tropical land area accounts for 42.5% of China’s total tropical land area, with an average annual temperature of 22.5-25.6℃, annual sunshine hours of 1780 ~ 2600 hours and average rainfall of 1,600 mm.

It offers an ideal growth environment for tropical agricultural crops.

Abundant tropical agricultural resources

700 out of over 1,100 species of wild rice globally are cultivated in Hainan. Tropical cash crops include rubber, coconut, and areca-nut. Tropic fruits such as pineapple, lychee, mango, watermelon, star fruit, jackfruit, rambutan, dragon-fruit and more than 120 kinds of vegetables are cultivated. It is a “natural drug storehouse” for animal and plant medicinal materials and an ideal place for the development of tropical marine fisheries.

Hainan is a network for international cooperation in tropical agricultural science and technology.
Hainan is aiming to become a global tropical agricultural science centre. Scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences have forged cooperative relationships with over 50 countries and regions and 16 international organizations and built 41 platforms for international cooperation such as the international joint lab for tropical agricultural science and technology and the open cooperation experimental zone for tropical agriculture.

Open global trade for tropical agricultural products.

Hainan sells nearly 10 million tons of fresh tropical agricultural products all over the world every year. It has an international tropical agricultural product trading centre.

Hainan is currently opening up trading business in tropical agricultural products such as rubber, areca-nut, coconut, coffee, tropical flowers, Wenchang chicken, and golden pomfret, priced in foreign currency and settled in RMB.

Policy advantages in Hainan’s tropical agriculture industry
Significantly cut processing costs for tropical agricultural products.

Zero-tariff for processing and production equipment and raw and auxiliary materials;

Production equipment imported for production purposes on the island as well as raw and auxiliary materials consumed are exempt from import tariffs, import value-added tax and consumption tax, which will greatly cut processing costs for tropical agricultural products, aquatic products and aromatic products etc.

Key areas for investment in Hainan’s tropical agriculture industry
Food crops

Tropical cash crops

Perennial/winter Fruits and vegetables

Featured livestock and poultry

Tropical fruit

Marine fisheries

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