Production Team (Haikou) Internet Technology Co. Ltd.

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Companies looking for Int'l co-operation: Production Team (Haikou) Internet Technology Co. Ltd.

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Production and operation enterprise name: Production Team (Haikou) Internet Technology Co. Ltd. /生产队(海口)网络科技有限责任公司

Business scope: Internet-based services

Address (detailed mailing address): Room A4-41, Floor 5, Block A, Haikou National High-Tech Zone Starters Incubator Center, No.266 Nanhai Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan, P.R. China /海南省海口市秀英区秀英街道南海大道266号海口国家高新区创业孵化中心A楼5层A4-41室

Company representative: Huibo Yang


Telephone: (+86) 18222240496

Official website:

Registration Number:

Certificate validity period:

Exports to: Worldwide

Introduction: Production Team (Haikou) Internet Technology is a technology-driven company servicing the agricultural sector. Based on self-developed crop field digital management platform, utilizing new technologies such as the IoT, cloud computing, live streaming, we aim to provide new impetus for the smart development of agri-sector.

Our company provide visible monitoring, production management, online training and workshops, product origin tracing, marketing and branding, procurement, big data services, etc. We are trustworthy partners for both customers, government agencies and consumers.

Production Team (Haikou) Internet Technology has recruited many experts and highly experienced professionals from home and abroad, including those in IoT sector, software development, platform operation, research institutes. Our common objective is to serve the agricultural modern development of Hainan.

What do you need from the international market / businesses? Production Team (Haikou) Internet Technology developed an innovative, efficient and easy-to-use interactive internet platform called “Our village” based on the idea of digitalized rural development proposed by the Chinese central government. It incorporates multi-dimensional functions including area governance, security, economy, socializing, environment, etc. all in one online platform, just like the Wechat.

Our company also developed an internet-based agricultural production assistance application, “Cuckoo”, it re-organizes traditional structure of agricultural production including yield, inventory, sales, technical service, logistics, and so on, in a digitalized manner. The wide use of the Cuckoo app will improve and upgrade the full industry chain of local agricultural sector.
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